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Teacups and gorgeous tea units were once an important part of any house. Tea parties were a significant reflection of food to friends, family and business contacts. No housewife could become without her tea set and cup collection.Have you ever considered why your grandmother experienced so many different types of teacups? All mismatched? I possess. I believed that my grandmother was just a collector, but I understand better now. Most choices had been the result of a quaint tradition: the teacup shower.A few years ago, my sibling sent myself a box. It was loaded with stuff that got belonged to my aunty, Rheta Akins. Given birth to in 1904, she grew up in the end of the Victorian era and proceeded to go to university during the roaring 1920s. She married Homer Gillette in 1940. She was an musician, teacher, and champ of the artistry in Southern California.Tucked aside in the box was an old scrapbooking permitted, "Wedding Presents." Inside I found invites to wedding showers, greeting cards, newspaper clippings and lists of presents received. Many different celebrations were thrown in honor of the fresh bride, but the one that intrigued me the most was "Ye Old Teacup Shower." There, I found a list of seventeen different types of teacups and saucers.It instantly dawned about me that this was how all these teacup selections must have started. It must end up being a dropped tradition that passed into background along with the practice of providing tea celebrations. I had not been at the party, as I hadn't been created yet-but fortunately a newspapers had recorded every detail of the luxurious affair in a clipping I found in the scrapbook, which I will right now talk about with you.Additional things from Rheta's teacup shower that you may or may not need to use:Tell all of us about your collection. Your most valued teacup. Where you got it. My preferred teacup is definitely the Art Deco one in the introductory picture. It is a rare one from Shelby in Britain. I adored it for years in my cousin's cina cupboard. When she transferred away, my dad allow me possess it, along with many of her various other gems, but that one can be my fave! Designer shower curtains

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