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Corona virus masks for sale,Primary name: Japan three associates received frightening words attached blade police emergency search Face Masks for COVID-19

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[overseas online March 27 compilation report, relating to Japan's Kyodo News reported on the 27th, Japan three people of the House's office also received a notice with a razor blade cutting tool. Law enforcement are to investigate.

What masks for coronavirus,Relating to Japan's Fuji TV news, three House associates are the Western Ministry of Wellness, Labor wins with Kato letter, Repetition Wujing Jun Fu, the excellent minister helper Kenya Akiba. Their office 23 each received an cover opens, which included a 4.5-cm-long razor cutting tool and a piece of paper. best coronavirus masks.

the content material of the paper varies. Kato is on the material of the letter paper is certainly a foreigner's go to to Japan, Wu Jingjun secondary paper in brain the material of its previous secretary drunk driving accident, Kenya Akiba paper the same day in mind, its self-organized party authorities introduced rules concern. Western law enforcement are to perform a search to intimidate suspects. 3 councilor's office and the police are elements of conversation. (Overseas network Wang Shanning)

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